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Signs by the Roadside

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Autor: Ivo Andrić
Godina izdanja: 2015.
Br. str.: 469
Povez: Tvrd
Format: 20cm
Pismo: Latinica

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Signs by the Roadside

Only what has not been given a form or a name endures, that which has never left the infinite and eternal landscape of non-existence.
Signs by the Roadside are a series of short texts that can be written in one day. Reflecting the writer’s mood at the time, his opinion on a certain topic or person, the impression or thought that occupied him. Written in no particular order, the writer compiled these notes in a book that became a mirror of his soul. These texts are not organized chronologically. Already according to the spontaneous activity of the soul. A soul that reacts intensely and emotionally to everyday stimuli, turning them into meditations and visions, into images of landscapes and people.

Spontaneous and carefree, Signs by the Roadside is a prime example of a spiritual magazine. Its text grows and develops like organic tissue. One fragment leans on the next, in an infinite sequence. This fragmentation and spontaneous mixing of shorter texts into larger wholes, creating an opus, is one of the main characteristics of Andrić’s literary technique. He said: „In fact, I never wrote books, but rather scattered texts, which over time were logically inserted into books or compilations of short stories.“ This method is especially noticeable in this book. Short notes connect spontaneously and form larger parts. They thus encompass a wide range of life and its multiple realities. Similar to the way in which these thoughts flow into the mind of the poetic soul.

This is a book by one of the best Yugoslav writers, winner of the Nobel Prize.