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The Waste Tide

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Autor: Chen Qiufan
Godina izdanja: 2017.
Br. str.: 352
Povez: Mek
Format: 8.94 x 1.14 x 5.71 inch
Pismo: Latinica


The Waste Tide – author Chen Qiufan

A Guardian Science Fiction Book of the Year. Mimi is drowning in the world’s trash.

She’s a ‘waste girl’, a scavenger picking through towering heaps of hazardous electronic detritus. Along with thousands of other migrant workers, she was lured to Silicon Isle, off the southern coast of China, by the promise of steady work and a better life.

But Silicon Isle is where the rotten fruits of capitalism and consumer culture come to their toxic end. The land is hopelessly polluted, the workers utterly at the mercy of those in power. And now a storm is gathering, as ruthless local gangs skirmish for control, eco-terrorists conspire, investors hunger for profit, and a Chinese-American interpreter searches for his roots.

As these forces collide, conflict erupts – a war between rich and poor, a battle between past and future. Mimi must decide if she will remain a pawn… or change the rules of the game altogether.