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The Astronaut Selection Test Book

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Autor: Tim Peake
Godina izdanja: 2019.
Br. str.: 256
Povez: Mek
Format: 234mm x 20mm x 153mm
Pismo: Latinica


The Astronaut Selection Test Book – author Tim Peake

Have YOU got what it takes to be an astronaut?

This book will help readers of all ages find out. Featuring 100 real astronaut tests and exercises from the European Space Agency’s rigorous selection process, ranging from easy to fiendishly hard, The Astronaut Selection Test Book goes where no puzzle book has gone before.

Including puzzles and tests on:

· visual perception and logic
· mental arithmetic and concentration
· psychological readiness
· teamwork and leadership
· survival, physical and medical skills
· foreign languages (every astronaut has to know Russian!)

and much more, this richly illustrated book draws on Tim Peake’s first-hand experience of applying to be an astronaut in 2008, when he and five others were chosen – out of over 8,000 applications!

We’ve all dreamed of being an astronaut, though of the estimated 100 billion people who have ever lived, only 557 people have travelled to space. But with this unprecedented look into real astronaut selection, you might just find out your dreams can become reality…